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The Full Story


Since 2021, Virginia Saw Works has been creating and crafting with the vision of providing the highest quality furniture possible. We believe that each new project is an opportunity to learn something different and to expand our skills. The desire to keep improving our designs and to push our craft to the limit keeps our work fresh and unique. 


About Me 

I am not your typical woodworker. I am a 16-year-old student with a passion for woodworking, mountain biking, cheesemaking, and music. I got into woodworking about 3 years ago and have been improving my craft since. Last year I attended The Putney School where I was given the opportunity to explore fine woodworking. I launched my business, Virginia Saw Works, in the spring of 2021. 


During our last year in business, we have learned a lot about how we operate and the path we want to continue along. From our first commission to our latest there have been different and new challenges to overcome. We are heading in the direction of a truly unique, bespoke furniture company. With each commission, our designs improve as we develop our unique style. 

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