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Bespoke Furniture 

Specializing in one-off custom furniture solutions, all our designs are tailored to your needs and built to last. Our crafted furniture is more than just another item in your home. Every piece is created with unmatched attention to detail and adds to the style and beauty of your home and catches your guests' eye. 

The Process

Crafted using a combination of large machines and fine hand tools each component is thoughtfully made to be strong and beautiful. 

IMG_1952 copy.jpg
Dresser drawer.jpg

Material Sourcing 

We source the highest quality materials available, using domestic hardwoods and the highest quality plywoods. You will immediately notice a difference in quality from other options out there.  



A quick note on pricing...

We are a custom furniture company providing high-end products, and as such, the price is reflected in that. Our prices are competitive, but producing one-off pieces will always be more labor-intensive than mass-produced furniture.  We believe our furniture is worth the high cost and each piece is crafted with care and great consideration.

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